YouTube video downloader extension for Google Chrome & Firefox

We now know YouTube as the largest video platform in the online world. YouTube meets all the needs of our videos online and offline. However, we always have to face problems to download videos from YouTube. Now we will show some extensions as a YouTube video downloader.

But the hope is that there are some YouTube video downloader Chrome extensions for downloading YouTube videos in the market.

All of these extensions were originally created for video downloads. These extensions are very easy to use, without the need to install any software.

Here are some of the most popular extensions for downloading YouTube videos.

YouTube video downloader best extension for google chrome,

By Addoncrop:

My first choice as a YouTube video downloader is Addoncrop. It is an extension capable of meeting the usage requirements of millions of YouTube users worldwide. This extension is very easy to use.

Using it you can download different quality videos and save them as per your requirements such as 1080p, 720p, 460p, and 360p.

YouTube ByClick

Another YouTube video downloader extension name is YouTube ByClick. YouTube ByClick This is another popular extension. Using which you can download the video of your choice. Another fun use of ByClick is that you can use it to download videos not only from YouTube but also from a few other platforms like Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook.

You can download videos in HD, MP3, MP4, AVI, and all other formats.

After installing the YouTube Video Downloader for Google Chrome browser, you will get an automatic detection pop-up in which you can download the video of your choice by clicking on the green download button.

In addition, YouTube ByClick gives you the option to download the full video, including playlists, by selecting its link in the add-on window, including selecting the format and quality of each video as you wish. For monitoring home and office you can use wifi video cam.

By Download YouTube Chrome

Hopefully by looking at its name you understand it is basically a Google Chrome extension that is specially made just for downloading YouTube videos. However, the method of installing Download YouTube Chrome is a little more complicated than others, you can still try it.

Google dislikes downloading videos from YouTube and does not allow Chrome extensions to be installed outside of the Chrome Web Store.

It is requested that you follow the installation procedure below to install the extension.

Installation method:

1. Download the zip file

2. Unzip the zip file.

3. Copy and paste “chrome: // extensions” into the address bar of your Google Chrome browser.

4. Turn on developer mode.

5. Click the Load Unpacked Extensions button.

6. Find the unzipped folder from your computer and click.

Then, you’ll see buttons in the form of plain text at the bottom of YouTube videos. And clicking on them will start the download process.

YouTube video downloader for Firefox

Video DownloadHelper is a popular Firefox extension as a YouTube video downloader. This free Firefox extension supports downloading videos from various video hosting websites. It is as easy to use as it is to download videos of different resolutions. In addition to YouTube, videos can be downloaded from platforms like Daily Motion, MySpace, iFilm, Dreamhost.

An additional feature of Video DownloadHelper is the Integrated Video Conversion which allows users to convert downloaded videos to file formats that support them. It is very easy to use so new users can use it easily. Video DownloadHelper is the first choice of users of the Firefox browser as a YouTube video downloader.

Although Video DownloadHelper is a common one, it is a skilled video downloader, and users love it for its video converting device.

How do I download YouTube videos with Firefox?

The most popular browser for Internet users is Mozilla Firefox. Firefox has many popular add-ons for downloading videos from YouTube, through which you can download videos from YouTube and enjoy it. Firefox Video Downloader is a software that integrates with Firefox and lets you download new videos right away. As a Firefox add-on, YouTube Downloader is the best way to download videos from YouTube.

Video DownloadHelper is one of the most popular Firefox extensions for downloading videos from YouTube. Using this extension you can download all types of videos, and videos of any resolution. You can download videos from any platform using Video DownloadHelper. All in all, Video DownloadHelper may be the first choice for downloading videos from YouTube with the Firefox browser.

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