v380 for PC: Download and Install v380 WiFi camera for windows (10, 8, and 7)

What is v380 pro?

v380 for pc is a video controlling app that manages the work of IP cam. Using v380 you can watch live video of security cams installed at the home, office, or other places. It cannot be operated without an internet connection. v380 can be viewed live on the Smartphone via an internet connection. The v380 cannot be scanned on a general security camera. It only supports Wifi cam.

How to Download and Install v380 for PC windows (10, 8, and 7)

Configuration v380 pro app for pc

You must first know how to configure the cam with V380. OK, how you configure V380 is discussed below. It is very easy to use. All you have to do is use the option to attach it to a device. Then type the name of the device, the port number, and most importantly the IP. If you provide all the details correctly, you will be able to watch live video of the camera.

v380 pro

Download and install v380 for pc

In this article, I am going to show How to download and install v380 on window pc by using an android emulator.

Before downloading v380 for pc you need to download the apk file. And should be stored in a place that is easily found.

Let’s see now V380 Pro can be downloaded and installed. But before you can download V380 Pro you need to have Android Emulator installed on your PC. And after that, you can install and use V380 Pro. With Android Emulator you will get all the benefits of using the Android app on Windows PC.

Here are some Android emulators that will help you to download and install V380 Pro:


Nox player

NoxPlayer is the most popular Android emulator

How to install V380 via Nox Player.

You can download v380 for pc without bluestacks. First, you need to download and install NoxPlayer. It is very easy to install.

Bring the APK file to NoxPlayer and leave. You will see the file manager. Click on the folder icon.

Now you can install the downloaded application on your computer at NoxPlayer. You can copy it to other places on NoxPlayer. You can also download and install Typing Tutor to improve your computer typing skills so that you don’t have any problems typing.

Key Features of v380 Pro

Video Monitoring: With this app, you can monitor HD videos from home or office from other places.

 Intercom: It can be talked about in two ways like an intercom. It offers two-way communication like intercom and Walkie talkie.

Instrument Sharing: This allows users to share devices. In other words, you can talk and even watch videos.

Warning alarm: This can give a warning alarm.

Video recording and re-watching: This app records video and saves it in cloud storage so you can watch it later as you need it.

Cloud storage: It stores video in the cloud. If you need it, you can download and watch the video. Videos stored in cloud storage are less likely to be deleted.

You can format your downloaded videos if they do not play because of changes to your computer’s operating system. Formatting will not change the quality of the video.

Key details of the V380 app:

Name V380 pro
Size63 MB
App PermissionAllows an applications to access extra location provider commands
Last Update5 September 2019

Last Word

We hope you can download and install V380 without any problems. That will help you increase your ability to work, and other opportunities.