CareUEyes: For Care U Eyes free download for windows (10, 8, and 7)

What is CareUEyes?

Yes, you understand. CareUEyes means eye care. But when to take care of the eyes?  The eyes are an invaluable resource for us. So we always need to take care of our eyes. Especially those of us who use digital devices such as computers, Android phones, all these devices for hours on end for our work needs. So we need to take care of our eyes. And CareUEyes is free software for Windows to solve this problem. However, the radioactivity of computers today is much lower than that of previous computers and now the amount of damage is much less.

But the problem is that we stare at the computer monitor for too long and there is no hiding between our eyes and the monitor. The most common eye problems of those who use digital devices are dry eyes, headaches, watery eyes, etc. And for all these reasons, those who use computers need to take care of their eyes. That’s why computer users need to use CareUEyes for eye care.

CareUEyes is the software needed for eye care

CareUEyes is software designed specifically for those who use computers for a long time. Its name implies what it is made for. It is software for eye care that pauses, blurs the monitor, and features a blue light.

In fact, there are three causes of eye damage when using a computer, such as:

1) Stay close to the computer monitor

2) Looking at the monitor for a long time

3) The blue glow of the computer monitor.

CareUEyes solves the above three problems.

CareUEyes reduces the blue light of the PC

Is careueyes safe?

Yes careueyes safe, it is very beneficial for your eyes. It is designed in such a way that looking at the computer monitor protects your eyes from damage.

The main feature of CareUEyes

Key features of this CareUEyes include:

1. Display

2. Timer

3. Focus.

4. Options


CareUEyes reduces the blue light of the PC

careueyes Display

One of the features of Careueyes is Display and the first benefit you will get from this Display is that it reduces the blue light of the PC. By controlling this blue light we can protect our eyes from damage. You can set the game mode, reading mode, editing mode, office mode, etc. to your liking and control the blue light emission.

The cheapest and most effective way to control blue light is to use the software, I think. Many people used to buy blue light glasses and blue light filter films which is no longer needed. At CareUEyes you get all the problems solved

I trust blue light filter for PC is our first option.


Another interesting feature of this software is breaking reminder/timer. Those of us who work at the computer every day usually have problems with our neck and eyes when we constantly stare at the keyboard and monitor. And the way to get rid of this problem is CareUEyes’s break reminder. This break reminder is to send you to break after a certain time. So that you can rest the neck and eyes. A break reminder will do this for you. Where you can set the time as you like.


The current world is the world of the internet, where we have to exchange different messages and emails every day for our work needs. When we read the Articles, it is not possible to concentrate on other work, and it is very important to concentrate on the interests of your work and CareUEyes’ stay focus option will help you in this work. This option will help you focus on work.

CareUEyes is very important for those who use a professional computer, such as editing pictures, videos, and audio, working in a variety of formats or programming.

So I think CareUEyes’ focus function is extremely useful for concentrating on work.

Focus options:

CareUEyes Options


Color pick

Focus Height


Transparency: You can set transparency as per your choice.

Color pick: You can set the color to your liking.

Focus Height: You can set the height of the focus to your liking.  Which will highlight part of your reading.

HotKey: You can determine the key.


Where you have all the options together. You can set the option you need from here.

Last Word

We believe this software will be of great use to your computer. You can get it from the download link below with just one click.


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