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Are you looking for a video downloader? The answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. We will tell you about a software called 4k video downloader. You can enjoy all the benefits of the software through this 4k video downloader crack.

4k video downloader crack is a software that helps to enable all the premium features of this software and remove the obstacles. This will activate 4k video downloader for free.

What is 4k video downloader?

4k video downloader crack is a range of cross-platform programs that are the most popular software for downloading videos and audio from popular websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Flickr, and Metacafe. It primarily allows conversions from video to audio.

There are many video downloaders on the market, all of which have completely different features, which is why its popularity is growing day by day.

All the output formats it supports are: MP4, MKV, OGG Theora, MP3, M4.

Main Features of 4k video downloader:

Download channels with YouTube playlists:

Downloading playlists from YouTube has never been easier. It doesn’t matter what the size of the playlists is and how many videos it contains because you can download playlists with the entire


Sometimes you may need to download the entire YouTube channel. In that case, it may take a long time to do it manually. You can do this easily with 4k video downloader crack. All you have to do is copy the link of the specific channel and paste the 4k video downloader.

4k video downloader
4k video downloader

Different quality videos can be downloaded

You can download videos of different quality and size depending on your internet speed and your needs. You can download videos at 240p, 360p, 720p, 1080p, 1080i, 2k, 4k and 8k. 4k video downloader supports all these resolutions.

Many downloaders do not support 4k and 8k downloads, so this is a plus point and makes the survival of this software better than others.

Extract subtitles

Sometimes it is difficult to find the important videos in your production and to understand the pronunciation due to language problems. And we need subtitles to overcome this problem. These may be required for replication or other purposes.

With 4k video downloader crack, you have the option to extract subtitles and download as needed as well as save as a file.

360 videos:

Another fun feature of 4k video downloader is that it helps you download videos for VR headsets or 360 media players to your PC. 360 videos are very fun to watch and 4k video downloader is a downloader through which you can download those funny videos. After watching 360 you will use its features again and again and you will fall in love with it.

Three-dimensional video

Very funny video to watch the 3D video. And it looks perfectly real.

Jurassic World 3D, Jumanji, and other videos show the use of 3D. You can’t take your eyes off it while watching a 3D video. You can download and enjoy 3D videos using 4k video downloader crack.

4k video downloader smart options.

There are some settings in 4k video downloaders such as video quality, format, download path, subtitle download, and some other things that you have to set once. As a result, your download speeds up.

4k video downloader crack supported website

4k video downloader supports almost all types of social media and video hosting sites. Such as Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr, Dailymotion, etc.


Os: Windows , Mac, Linux

Ram: 1 GB

CPU: Dual-core-processor

Storage: 100 MB Required.

How to Download and Install 4k video downloader key

The first thing you need to do is download the How to Download and Install crack.

Then you have to install the software, just like you install other software.

Now use the crack code that you have.

After pasting the crack code, check the software to see if it is active.

Last word.

We hope that the 4K video downloader software will be useful for you to download videos. It is in our best interest to be able to benefit you.

Format factory 3.7.0 download free full version.

 Format Factory: Are you looking for a converter? Then you came to the right place. Our first choice converter is Format Factory 3.7.0 download. It is a software where you can convert audio video even images.

The funny thing for those of us who use free converters is that we don’t have to pay for converters anymore. Now is the time to use free tools.

Format Factory is free software that you can use for personal or business purposes. Through which you can convert multimedia files.

It basically allows its users to change the format or file extension of the video, audio, image, or text file for any other medium.

Change multimedia file format:

There are some files that run well on their core applications or on the Windows operating system. However, other applications such as the Mac operating system may run into problems. And Format Factory designed to solve all these problems and to support file extensions.

If your files are not deleted. Or if you don’t see the files in Explorer. If you see empty boxes or spaces or question marks. However, you can change the format of the files on your computer’s operating system installed applications.

And for all these purposes, Using Format Factory free downloading, you can reduce the size by formatting large files. However, the interesting thing is that even though the size is small, the overall quality of the multimedia files does not change. You can convert all these files to keep backups and save USB key, CD-ROM, DVD, or Blu Ray.

Here you can format the WiFi camera video used to protect your office and home.

Video file formatting for Smartphone , Web and PC

The file type MP4 is perfect for downloading from the Internet to your computer and copying to DVD. To upload your favorite videos to the web site, you can convert from MP4 version to MPG through the Format Factory app. You can convert 3GP videos of your previous or old phone to MP4 video through the Format Factory app which allows you to play the videos on your new Android phone.

Do the videos saved on your computer play on your tablet? If your answer is no: then you can use this Format Factory app to convert these Flash FLV files, Windows WMV files, and Shockwave SWF files into one-size-fits-all AVI files or MP4. As a result, You can watch the videos on your tablet phone.

You can format the audio file as per your requirement

If you want to change your operating system Windows to Mac, you can lose all your favorite songs. Because of the change in format, your favorite songs will not play on the new operating system. You’re bored. There is no reason to worry. You can solve this problem using Format Factory. This allows you to watch and listen to your favorite songs on the new operating system.

Still worried, no problem if you need high-quality audio of your phone conversations then you can convert AMR codec to an AAC advanced audio coding file that can run in the sound editor and split the audios in front and back background.

Those of us who think of doing professional text editing often have typing problems. It is very important for him to practice typing.

Formate your Image with format factory 3.7.0

Suppose you want to change a JPG to TGA Truecolor animation for one of your animation projects. Then you need to paste the image in the video file.  And these two files have to be in the same format. And for this, you have to use format factory 3.7.0.

If you need a small but high-quality image to add, you can try formatting the TIF image to PNG without any copyright restrictions. Suppose you can convert a large BMP bitmap image to a very small bit-size JPG. And you can use it on your web site. These images do not increase the loading time of your website. If you reduce the size of the image using format factory, there is no damage to the image.

You have a two-frame GIF animation. Would you like to use an icon inside the button? But sadly there is no right ICO format for it. In that case, you need to use format factory 3.7.0. And if you want to use your company logo as a watermark background, you can do this very easily. Only change the ICO image to WordArt watermark.

People who edit videos, pictures, and audio on computers spend a lot of time staring at computer monitors, which can have a detrimental effect on our eyes. We should take care of our eyes.

Features of formate fectory

  • Features of formate factory
  • Its Support multiple formates
  • Supported in mobile device
  • User-friendly interface
  • Option with Customizable

Details of Format Factory

Title Format factory 3.7.0
File size51.94 MB
Operation systemWindows 7, windows 8 ,windows 10, vista
Language Multilanguage 
License Free
Official Sitehttp://www.pcfreetime.com/

v380 for PC: Download and Install v380 WiFi camera for windows (10, 8, and 7)

What is v380 pro?

v380 for pc is a video controlling app that manages the work of IP cam. Using v380 you can watch live video of security cams installed at the home, office, or other places. It cannot be operated without an internet connection. v380 can be viewed live on the Smartphone via an internet connection. The v380 cannot be scanned on a general security camera. It only supports Wifi cam.

How to Download and Install v380 for PC windows (10, 8, and 7)

Configuration v380 pro app for pc

You must first know how to configure the cam with V380. OK, how you configure V380 is discussed below. It is very easy to use. All you have to do is use the option to attach it to a device. Then type the name of the device, the port number, and most importantly the IP. If you provide all the details correctly, you will be able to watch live video of the camera.

v380 pro

Download and install v380 for pc

In this article, I am going to show How to download and install v380 on window pc by using an android emulator.

Before downloading v380 for pc you need to download the apk file. And should be stored in a place that is easily found.

Let’s see now V380 Pro can be downloaded and installed. But before you can download V380 Pro you need to have Android Emulator installed on your PC. And after that, you can install and use V380 Pro. With Android Emulator you will get all the benefits of using the Android app on Windows PC.

Here are some Android emulators that will help you to download and install V380 Pro:


Nox player

NoxPlayer is the most popular Android emulator

How to install V380 via Nox Player.

You can download v380 for pc without bluestacks. First, you need to download and install NoxPlayer. It is very easy to install.

Bring the APK file to NoxPlayer and leave. You will see the file manager. Click on the folder icon.

Now you can install the downloaded application on your computer at NoxPlayer. You can copy it to other places on NoxPlayer. You can also download and install Typing Tutor to improve your computer typing skills so that you don’t have any problems typing.

Key Features of v380 Pro

Video Monitoring: With this app, you can monitor HD videos from home or office from other places.

 Intercom: It can be talked about in two ways like an intercom. It offers two-way communication like intercom and Walkie talkie.

Instrument Sharing: This allows users to share devices. In other words, you can talk and even watch videos.

Warning alarm: This can give a warning alarm.

Video recording and re-watching: This app records video and saves it in cloud storage so you can watch it later as you need it.

Cloud storage: It stores video in the cloud. If you need it, you can download and watch the video. Videos stored in cloud storage are less likely to be deleted.

You can format your downloaded videos if they do not play because of changes to your computer’s operating system. Formatting will not change the quality of the video.

Key details of the V380 app:

Name V380 pro
Size63 MB
App PermissionAllows an applications to access extra location provider commands
Last Update5 September 2019

Last Word

We hope you can download and install V380 without any problems. That will help you increase your ability to work, and other opportunities.

CareUEyes: For Care U Eyes free download for windows (10, 8, and 7)

What is CareUEyes?

Yes, you understand. CareUEyes means eye care. But when to take care of the eyes?  The eyes are an invaluable resource for us. So we always need to take care of our eyes. Especially those of us who use digital devices such as computers, Android phones, all these devices for hours on end for our work needs. So we need to take care of our eyes. And CareUEyes is free software for Windows to solve this problem. However, the radioactivity of computers today is much lower than that of previous computers and now the amount of damage is much less.

But the problem is that we stare at the computer monitor for too long and there is no hiding between our eyes and the monitor. The most common eye problems of those who use digital devices are dry eyes, headaches, watery eyes, etc. And for all these reasons, those who use computers need to take care of their eyes. That’s why computer users need to use CareUEyes for eye care.

CareUEyes is the software needed for eye care

CareUEyes is software designed specifically for those who use computers for a long time. Its name implies what it is made for. It is software for eye care that pauses, blurs the monitor, and features a blue light.

In fact, there are three causes of eye damage when using a computer, such as:

1) Stay close to the computer monitor

2) Looking at the monitor for a long time

3) The blue glow of the computer monitor.

CareUEyes solves the above three problems.

CareUEyes reduces the blue light of the PC

Is careueyes safe?

Yes careueyes safe, it is very beneficial for your eyes. It is designed in such a way that looking at the computer monitor protects your eyes from damage.

The main feature of CareUEyes

Key features of this CareUEyes include:

1. Display

2. Timer

3. Focus.

4. Options


CareUEyes reduces the blue light of the PC

careueyes Display

One of the features of Careueyes is Display and the first benefit you will get from this Display is that it reduces the blue light of the PC. By controlling this blue light we can protect our eyes from damage. You can set the game mode, reading mode, editing mode, office mode, etc. to your liking and control the blue light emission.

The cheapest and most effective way to control blue light is to use the software, I think. Many people used to buy blue light glasses and blue light filter films which is no longer needed. At CareUEyes you get all the problems solved

I trust blue light filter for PC is our first option.


Another interesting feature of this software is breaking reminder/timer. Those of us who work at the computer every day usually have problems with our neck and eyes when we constantly stare at the keyboard and monitor. And the way to get rid of this problem is CareUEyes’s break reminder. This break reminder is to send you to break after a certain time. So that you can rest the neck and eyes. A break reminder will do this for you. Where you can set the time as you like.


The current world is the world of the internet, where we have to exchange different messages and emails every day for our work needs. When we read the Articles, it is not possible to concentrate on other work, and it is very important to concentrate on the interests of your work and CareUEyes’ stay focus option will help you in this work. This option will help you focus on work.

CareUEyes is very important for those who use a professional computer, such as editing pictures, videos, and audio, working in a variety of formats or programming.

So I think CareUEyes’ focus function is extremely useful for concentrating on work.

Focus options:

CareUEyes Options


Color pick

Focus Height


Transparency: You can set transparency as per your choice.

Color pick: You can set the color to your liking.

Focus Height: You can set the height of the focus to your liking.  Which will highlight part of your reading.

HotKey: You can determine the key.


Where you have all the options together. You can set the option you need from here.

Last Word

We believe this software will be of great use to your computer. You can get it from the download link below with just one click.

Password: www.crack-download.com